Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Silverado Continued

We sat around a campfire last night. At dusk, the chickens and peacocks all roosted in a nearby tree. They know that coyotes can't climb trees.

This morning Toby and I went to the hardware store in Douglas to get more PVC fittings. Stopped by Wal-Mart where I bought two large bags of food for Belle's dogs.
There won't be any hay for the horses, donkeys or burros until the Hay Lady shows up on Thursday. We raked up hay that had been spilled here & there and gave all the critters a little to tide them over. Another couple pulled in today. Harry & Shoko Nishimura from British Columbia. Like us, they belong to the Escapees. Today's projects were to complete the repairs to the water system, fix a door to one of the sheds so Belle could open & close the door from her scooter, and a continued general cleanup. Harry is a good carpenter. He came up with a fix for the door.

Today was very enjoyable. Tonight the fire will be fueled by a collection of junk furniture. :-)


Russ Krecklow said...

Looks like a fine day. Good that you could get the water system repaired. That was probably important. We just joined the Escapees. Looking forward to seeing some great places in our Lazy Daze.

Jim and Gayle said...

Looking forward to hearing all about your stay there. We may stop there after the get together in Benson.