Wednesday, February 09, 2011

South to Tubec

We headed out about 9:30 towards Tubec. The noise wasn't bad last night. Our 2008 Lazy Dazy, unlike our 2000, has the dual pane windows and rigid insulation. Those features really make it quiet inside. However, at about 8:30am, the fighter aircraft wing stationed at the Tucson Airport begin their takeoffs. They make the windows rattle when they take to the air.
The first stop was the Titan Missile Museum. I took the tour while Carol relaxed in the camper. Amazing. The museum area had a time-line starting with the first atomic bomb through 1987 when the last Titan II was deactivated as part of the SALT treaty. The missile had a nine-megaton thermonuclear warhead that could be delivered to its target in less then 30 minutes. At one time, there were 54 Titan II missile complexes across the US. The movie of the missile being fired was chilling. The fact that they were never needed, attests to the nuclear weapons policy called MAD; Mutually Assured Destruction. It does make a person pause when you think about the number of wacko states like North Korea and Pakistan, that have nukes, or Iran developing one. MAD doesn't work with nut cases.

On a more cheerful note.
After that we headed south to Tubec to visit "Arizona's longest running art festival, the 52nd Annual Tubec Festival of the Arts showcases the work
of hundreds of visiting artists, craft persons and musicians from around the country. Horse-drawn trolleys, roving entertainers and a food court enhance the festival atmosphere"
This is wonderful. We're "camped" in the parking lot next to where the festival is taking place. $6/night. Today we walked around perhaps half of the area. We'll be here all day tomorrow and perhaps Friday as well.


Donna K said...

Great photos of the museum and of the Tubec festival. Sounds like a full day. Enjoying your blog as we wait for our very own Lazy Daze.

Russ Krecklow said...

Great photos, love your eye for color. Thanks for sharing.