Monday, February 07, 2011

Tucson, Monday

This morning we said goodbye to our Lazy Daze friends and headed out. First stop; four loads of laundry. We only carry one set of linens for the beds, so now & then, I just strip the beds and everything gets washed.
After that, we went to the Saguaro National Park. Caught a really good talk by a Tohono O'odham Native American, I still call them Indians with no insult intended. Suppose I should be more P.C. The talk on their customs was followed by a movie all about the park. There is a 5 mile dirt road winding through the park. Five miles of dusty wash-board. We both agree, after you've seen your 10,000th Saguaro cactus, they do begin to all look alike. Did you know a Saguaro Cactus needs to be about 75 years old before it begins to develop the characteristic arms? I didn't. The really old ones are about 200 years old.
We like the desert, but are beginning to miss seeing green things that won't jab you, and grass. I also think Gopher misses "watering" grass.
We went to Pat McMorrows house for dinner. There were three other couples there. Carol had been college roommates with two of the girls, plus Pat. The other "girl" was a bridesmaid in Pat's wedding, as was Carol. Carol graduated from college in 1965. I must say, Carol looked the best of the group after all those years.
Right now, we're staying in Pat's attached RV Port. Full hookups. She has a Rialta that has close to 150,000 miles on it. Pat is quite the adventurer.
Don't know just what we're going to do tomorrow or where we're going to stay. We'll figure that out when tomorrow gets here.
Interesting listening to the "locals" talk. Everyone at dinner used to go to Rocky Point, Mexico in the winter. Now, none of them go unless they are part of an organized convoy. When Gopher and I were walking through Pat's neighborhood before dinner we saw two bumper stickers that said "But it a DRY hate" A reflection of the controversy over the recent immigrant legislation I suppose. Didn't ask anyone because mostly I have no interest in politics of any sort, plus it's not a good dinner topic,

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