Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tubec Day 2

It was 31* this morning. Clear & sunny. Gopher & I took an early morning walk downtown. Carol joined us about 10:30. When we got up today, we both got weighed. To our great surprise, we're within our weight tolerance. Pushing the high side of the envelope, but still in the acceptable range.

I bet you didn't know that Tubec is the oldest European settlement in AZ. The Spanish subjugated the native population around Tubec long before they systematically enslaved the rest of the natives. "The church and the military were the vanguards of Spanish frontier expansion throughout Mexico. The Jesuit, Eusebio Francisco Kino, established a mission in Pimeria Alta from 1687 to 1711 to convert and control Indians in the area." The Spanish began to settle in this area as early as the 1730's, "and eventually controlled the land and the lives, of the Indians".
By 1860, Tubec was the largest town in Arizona.
I'm sitting in the camper looking out the window. Animal Control just showed up. There are two small dogs inside a car parked across from us. There is an AZ law we read about that prohibits locking dogs in cars. The lady from Animal Control had a thermometer on a long wire. She just threaded it through the window to get the inside temperature. It's a cool day and all the windows in the care are opened a few inches. I suspect the dogs are just fine. She just photographed the car & the dogs. Wonder just how big a ticket these people are in for?? The car is from Alaska.
The owners finally came back. Besides the ticket, they had to endure the embarrassment of a crowd of onlookers.

During our walk through Tubec this morning, we visited St. Ann's Church. For over 250 years, there has been a place of worship on this very spot.The existing church was built between 1910 to 1912 and completely restored in 1974.

Carols goal at Tubec was to find new matching wedding bands. The ones we have we bought at Richardson's Trading Company in Gallup, NM three or four years ago. We could not find a matching set that we liked. Carol did find a beautiful silver, opal & turquoise ring from a jeweler that custom makes rings. Expensive, but less then the $1,000+ rings she was looking at yesterday. After all Carol has endured over the last five years, I just can't say no to anything she wants. She asks for so little. The ring is beautiful. We also bought a painted gecko lizard to put around the pond at home. Later that day, Carol said I needed a new ring as well.

There is a very well known Mexican restaurant not far from here. Wisdom's Cafe. It's been in business for 66 years. Off we went. When we arrived at 5:00 there was a one hour wait!! Oh well, nothing else special planned. We got to talking to another couple waiting; Bob & Sue from Tucson. We got called first and had a table for four. I went and asked them if they would like to join us for dinner and they did. Probably saved them an additional 30 minute wait. Turns out they live in Tucson but travel extensively in a 5th wheel. Small world. Wisdom's Cafes signature desert is a deep-fried, cinnamon and sugar-dusted fruit burro!! We ordered ours with chocolate/cherry filling. It's served with two scoops of ice cream. Bet we're out of tolerance on our weight goal now.
Tomorrow, it's back to skinny, healthy stuff.
We have had the most wonderful time in Tubec. In the morning we continue our trek south and east towards Patagonia.


Donna K said...

Great pictures. Tubec looks like an interesting place. I'm glad the dogs were okay. If the owners were from Alaska they may not have realized how hot it can get inside a car in Arizona.

Russ Krecklow said...

Interesting history. Did you know ..... Father Kino was known for his humane treatment of the indians that he came in contact with. The Spanish had a law that required indians who converted to Christianity to spend several years working in the mines or as indentured servants. Father Kino did not enforce that law.