Thursday, July 07, 2011


After the storm passed by, mostly south of us, the weather cooled off and we all sat outside until about 9:00 just chatting about this & that and watching the fireflys. We remembered how, as kids, we would catch fireflys in a jar. We were wondering what Gopher thinks about all this traveling. Her life is much more varied and interesting then your typical dog. I let her run loose this evening and threw her ball for her for a while. In her own way, she contributes a lot to our travels.

By the time the mosquitoes drove us inside, there were ten RV's camped here.

This is a picture of our campsite. We're tucked into a nice group of shade trees with a run just behind the trees.

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Donna K said...

That's a nice looking campsite. Dogs add a lot to our travels and I think for the most part, they enjoy it as much as we do.