Tuesday, July 05, 2011

On to Lancaster,PA

Independence Day was slow; not much happening in the park. The guy finished painting the house, a few fellows blasted away at the firing range, but not much else.
There is a lumber mill just outside the back gate of the park. At one end are several huge piles of logs, at the other stacks of finished lumber bring air dried. There are a number of State and National Forests in the general area. That tends to be the source of a lot of the logs. A common sign seen upon entering a national forest says "A land of many uses". The Allegheny NF contains over 600 operating oil wells. As you drive around the park, you would never know it. Never saw even one. Oil was first discovered in this part of PA. Today I learned that Pennsylvania means Penn's (as in William) Woods.

In the mid-70's I was the manager of a lumber yard.

Years ago it was very common for farmers to rent a side of their barn for advertising. Hadn't seen one in years.

Tonight we're staying at the Old Mill Stream Campground just outside of Lancaster. $45/night. This is the first, and most likely the last, commercial campground we'll stay at on this trip. Mostly we avoid them but there are no reasonably convenient public campgrounds around here. We were here about five or so, years ago. When we pulled in we saw another Lazy Daze. Turned out to be our friends Paul & Helen Huyser from Vermont. Paul & Helen are two uncommonly nice people. The sort of company we enjoy. Paul doesn't have much to say but Helen can talk the ears off a brass monkey. As the day wore on another LD pulled in, they yet another. Quite amazing really. After all, this isn't the Southwest, it's PA. We all went out to dinner together at the Good & Plenty Restaurant. Seating is family style on very long tables with benches. Dinner was fried chicken, mashed potatoes and several different types of veggies. All served on platters set down on the table. Just like at home, you just asked someone to please pass the corn or whatever. A fun way to have dinner.
Did a load of laundry and cooked a big batch of apple/pear/cranberry/pecan crisp; our favorite desert.Every night after dinner we have a small bowl of fruit crisp topped with a scoop of yogurt. A healthy, low calorie desert.
We enjoy PA Dutch Country. Tomorrow we're just going to poke around here & there.


Anonymous said...

How about that receipe for the apple/pear/cranberry/pecan crisp? Sounds really good!

Jim and Gayle said...

It does sound good. Can we get the recipe, too? Thanks.
4 LDs in PA! We've only seen one since we left NM.